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Hunting Lodge

The previous Hunting Lodge through Loch Fyne restored to glory later than suffering indignity of insensitive makeover in 1960s. Michael Thorndyke and Lauri have a windy and wild Scottish night just for thanking for the discovery of Highland home. Lauri says " 'For sale' sign blown over even bent in road, to draw our attention to this because as we drove the past" The couple had 1st fallen for magnificent landscape of Argyll in the travels about Scotland, even knew the location, Loch Fyne of shores, had separate benefits.

Lauri says, "This feels one long way from city, yet we were not very far from Glasgow or even Edinburgh".

However, the most appeal was house itself. Lauri says "It isn't easy for finding properties along with one strong past sense", just for an explain, although the house Victorian, built like one shooting lodge, had modified for unwell effect in 1960s, the changes were just simply and cosmetic concealed fresh-looking original features. Quickly invested in one set one ladders even one torch.

Lauri says "We have cut through several of lowered ceilings even saw one additional fifth space even beautiful plasterwork above".

However, 1960s handiwork did not stop there. Unusual fireplaces had covered over, close ups paneling and nailed back to interior doors covered behind boards.

Structure of building was resonance, however nevertheless Michael and Lauri had wiring, fireplace flues and plumbing checked out.

House already had the central heating in ground level, however couple installed this to 1st floor too, to create consistent heat all through.

Lauri says "It is not any cold house" even certainly open fires, shutters back and thick walls her up.

Couples were struck through authenticity of the house. Discounting sins of 1960s, building retained essence of purpose for that was originally designed same as any space for amusing people.

Lauri says, "To shoot gatehouses were built for the guests, along with the plentiful spacious and bedrooms public rooms"and the suited the lifestyle of couple perfectly.

The key to the approach was color scheme. Walls were painted exciting shades as couple moved in, however removal of lesser ceilings revealed confirmation of earlier decor.

Lauri says, "We took the cues from those colors."

In front-facing drawing the room, for instance, there grey-blue the paint was found on upper wall, they have chosen one light blue from Ball and Farrow, and actually, paints along with any historical correctness were favored for entire house.

Drawing room has one beautiful window of bay, with full working order. Couples admire workmanship at these shutters too much that it refrained from execution curtains at the space. White marble inglenook was one of the revealed from at the backboards, even this simply required one good clean.